World's Top Minds Warn Killer Robots May Soon Exist

  A battlefield full of killer droids isn’t just a “Star Wars” fantasy.
  Some of the world’s top minds are warning similar technology could be here in just a few years and must be banned before it can get started.
  An open letter from scientists, futurists and CEO’s predicts if a military power ever tries to develop artificial intelligence designed to kill, a global arms race is inevitable.
  CNN’s Max Foster has more.
  “The machines, they’re starting to take over!”
  The idea of killer robots threatening to take over the world is nothing new.
  (Terminator from Warner Bros) “if we uplink now Skynet will be in control of your military!”
  Movies like Terminator have made sure of that, but fears that this science fiction could become science fact, are now growing more real.
  A groups of the world’s leading scientists and tech experts, including physicist Stephen Hawking and Apple co-founder Steve Woziak, have issued a stark warning ain an open letter published.
  They say autonomous weapons system which use artificial intelligence to select targets without human intervention should be banned, predicting that in the wrong hands, killer robots could be used for assassinations and ethnic cleansing and would lead to a global arms race to rival the nuclear era.
  The U.S. military has invested heavily in the development of robotics for use on the battlefield, but mostly in a non-lethal capacity.
  This four-legged friend has been designed to help soldiers carry heavy gear across rough terrain without the need for a driver.
  And this tiny machine can creep across enemy lines and is equipped with infrared cameras.
  Lethal drones have been used for years by the United States and others to hunt terrorists in countries like Afghanistan.
  Operating without a pilot on-board, they still rely on a human being for the final, deadly pull of the trigger.
  Both Israel and South Korea have used semi-autonomous, lethal sentry robots on their troubled borders.
  But until now, no one has developed a machine that can make decisions and kill entirely on its own.
  Today’s letter from experts warns that fully autonomous killer robots could be deployed within years, not decades.
  The warning comes ahead of a U.N. meeting in November which will see countries discuss whether to pursue or ban.

Source: World's Top Minds Warn Killer Robots May Soon Exist

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