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Neuroscience – Unravelling the Mysteries of the Brain: A Career Guide for Students The BNA has written this highly informative career guide for A-Level / Scottish Advanced Highers / IB students upwards.  It covers basic neuroanatomy, undergraduate and postgraduate entry into neuroscience, and possible career paths involving neuroscience, as well as a selection of recent case studies from a range of neuroscientists.  You are welcome to download here for free, or contact us for a printed copies please email the BNA Office (office@bna.org.uk) for further details. Neuroscience – Science of the Brain: An Introduction for Young StudentsAvailable in English, Mandarin and Spanish An updated version of ‘Brain Facts Booklet’, created by Richard Morris (Edinburgh) and Marienne Fillenz (Oxford) in 1994 Neuroscience – Science of the Brain is primarily aimed at sixth form students or first year undergraduates. Richard Morris creates a wonderfully neat and…

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