You Can Now Learn Your Skin’s True Age

From ELLEThis article originally appeared in the November 2016 issue of ELLE.”Whose intern are you?” an ELLE fashion intern asked one afternoon a few weeks ago, breaking the silence as we rode the elevator.Do I lack the commanding presence of an actual employee? Maybe. But that question didn’t even cross my mind. “I actually work here,” I said, not the least bit displeased despite the fact that the misidentification knocked me years back in my career.”Oh, I thought you were, like, 20.””Nope, 31!” I declared proudly.How old one looks often has little to do with how old one looks. I have a feeling people glance at me, and in that .6947 seconds it takes to form a (wholly unscientific) judgment, they’re more influenced by my shiny Disney princess sticker–adorned notebook…

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