Your Smartphone Is Not Quite Smarter Than You (Yet)

“As I see it, the job of A.I. is to fix all the things that are broken in humans,” says touch-screen pioneer James Tagg. Can smartphones surpass human intelligence? Probably not, according to touch-screen technology pioneer James Tagg. It’s a trick question, though, because few can agree on a definition of what “intelligence” actually is (and don’t get any scientist started on the thorny issue of “consciousness”). “Intuition and creativity cannot be replicated by computers,” Tagg said at a Heroes of Mobile event in Los Angeles this week. “But a computationally powerful A.I. can definitely augment human endeavors.” Tagg, an author and co-founder of international SIM card maker Truphone, told those assembled that he is keen to use artificial intelligence in a pragmatic collaboration with people, to fill in the…

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