Zenith introduces machine learning to planning process

Media agency Zenith has announcing introducing machine learning to help crunch data and assist its planners. The announcement: Zenith has developed ground-breaking automation of digital planning that delivers significant improvement in effectiveness for marketers and is set to fundamentally change the way that agencies and their clients optimise digital media. Over the past six months a taskforce of data scientists and strategists from Zenith has been developing sophisticated automation of digital planning using the network’s machine-learning technology and bespoke algorithms. Marketers are currently faced with a confusing array of multi-touchpoint customer journeys, so Zenith has looked at how machine learning could be used to efficiently process large amounts of data and to automate the most complex and time-consuming aspects of digital planning. Using live Aviva campaigns, the taskforce collected advertising…

Link to Full Article: Zenith introduces machine learning to planning process

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