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Celaton’s intelligent automation software, inSTREAM™, enables organisations to deliver better customer service, faster.

Unique to inSTREAM is its ability to learn through the natural consequence of processing, watching what people do and interacting with them. It applies artificial intelligence to streamline labour intensive clerical tasks and decision making in a way that hasn’t been possible before.


Despite the ever increasing choice of media channels, customers continue to communicate in an unstructured and descriptive way. While it may be easy for people to understand this, it’s not possible for machines because they can only understand structured formats. Therefore the processing of this unstructured content is still heavily reliant on people with the experience to read, understand and interpret the meaning of the data. inSTREAM processes this unstructured descriptive content such as correspondences, claims and complaints by email, social media, fax, post and paper that organisations receive every day from customers.

The primary benefit for inSTREAM customers is competitive advantage. They know what their customers are saying in real-time regardless of the format of data or media channel, and they can respond to deliver better customer service, faster. And inSTREAM can identify events in real-time such as a priority customers or suspicious claims to ensure that only accurate and structured data is uploaded into line of business systems to guarantee compliance.

On average, Celaton customers realise a 74% reduction in operational costs in the area of handling customer correspondence. That saving alone can be significant but it is the ability to scale without recruitment and still deliver consistent service levels that enables customers to achieve growth and competitive advantage.


Celaton recently won an Aecus innovation award with their customer Virgin Trains in the area of customer service. You can find out more about this by following the link below to the case study. In addition, inSTREAM also featured in a recent BBC Panorama documentary with Virgin Trains, which explored how it is being implemented to streamline their customer service correspondence handling. The daily processing time and manual labour involved in dealing with customer emails for Virgin Trains was reduced by 85% through the use of inSTREAM, an impressive achievement.


Since inSTREAM’s launch into the market place it has streamlined 125 processes across 25 brands in retail, travel, insurance, transport and central government sectors. The technology’s adoption is being led by large ambitious disruptive brands who serve demanding consumers and it’s set to continue into 2016 as we move into an increasingly customer centric economy, with organisations seeking ways to improve their offering to customers. It’s artificial intelligence, but to users it is the best knowledge worker they ever hired and it means better customer service, compliance and financial performance.



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