Vocation.AI is part of the Informed.AI network and is our Careers Portal and Jobs Board dedicated to people interested in working in the fields of data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

As we know, the last few years has seen a rapid expansion of interest in Artificial Intelligence. both from a commercial and academic perspective. We have seen many start-ups funded over the last couple of years that are developing various applications across many different industries. Large technology companies have invested huge amounts of resources to build out departments dedicated to the development of AI techniques that maybe applied to their existing products and services. While research activities continues at pace to advance the methodologies of AI.

With all this activity, we want to support the related jobs market that has been generated from this continued investment in the field.

Vocation.AI is not a jobs agency. We do not charge any fees or commissions for any jobs posted on our jobs board. This is offered as a completely free service. We are open for either companies or start-ups direct or agencies to post job opening on our board.

To find out more please visit http://Vocation.AI or follow us on twitter at @Vocation_AI

To contact us email jobs@vocation.ai

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