Supporting AI Companies

We have a number of platforms that support AI Companies and AI Startups

Dedicated Support for AI Companies

We are extending our AI community for focus more on AI Companies. We have always recognised the work AI companies do and have run the AI Awards (Awards.AI) to celebrate such achievements. But now we are extending this with our Growth Accelerator ( and our Founder has launched his own Ventures initiative ( to help mentor, advise and fund AI startups

Global Annual Achievement Awards

The Global Annual Achievement Awards for Artificial Intelligence is now in its 4th year and helps to celebrate the successes and achievements delivered by the AI community. We run and promote these Awards to provide a strong community of AI companies that are aware of our wider activities and ecosystem but also to help them to share the successes they have achieved. 

For more information visit Awards.AI

Pardoe Ventures

The founder of into.AI and Informed.AI is this year launching some dedicated support for AI Startups, including founder mentorship, advise, preparation for investor meetings as well as helping to find various sources of funding.

For more information visit PardoeVentures

Company Directory

We have a list of AI companies within the into.AI directory. This is available at into.AI / directory / companies

For more information visit our Company Listings
or to add your company submit an entry at Shared.AI .

Combined Intelligence

Combined Intelligence is a full service technology consultancy, founded by Prof Andy Pardoe, that is focused on helping organisations with their adoption of intelligent solutions. 

For more information visit

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