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Informed AI Group – 5th Anniversary

Informed AI Group – 5th Anniversary

Celebrating Five Years of the Informed.AI Group

Press Release: 1st June 2020 6pm BST

We are pleased to announce our fifth anniversary. What is now the Informed.AI Group, under the brand of Neurons.AI and Awards.AI was started back in May 2015. We have undergone a number of expansions and transformation over that past 5 years, the most recent has only just been completed (more on that later), but we started with just one site as a directory of useful information, called homeAI.info. This quickly expanded to add our Events and Awards sites. 

We then added our online members platform, Neurons.AI and started the journey of added in person meet-ups, creating a network of groups all around the world. 

Last year, we added AI and Robotics Events & Conferences to our Informed AI family, running a number of Director Forum One Day Events, A round table and an amazing AI & Robotics Conference last October. 

We have always been true to our mission of adding more and more services and activities that support the knowledge sharing on artificial intelligence. Building a global community of people interested in learn more about AI. 

Like many events companies this year, we have had to rethink our meet-ups and events strategy with the impact of Covid-19, and will be launching a number of online only events in the second half of this year.

Our Awards, have grown bigger and bigger each year. Now in its 5th Awards, and nominations still open until the 31st July, we will also be reverting to an online announcement of winners in Nov/Dec.


The AI Awards, have been a huge success on a global scale, we have already awarded over 120 winners of the AI Awards. (See the Awards Hall of Fame) Now in our 5th year  we are currently still open for nominations, across 60+ categories of awards, the judging will occurring in the coming months with the online awards ceremony happening in late November / early December. 

This is the Oscars of the AI tech world, the only independent AI Awards. 


We have now consolidated a number of our separate websites into the Neurons.AI brand. Now into.AI has been moved to main site of Neurons. The Neurons member site, is now accessible from https://members.neurons.ai Our Events.AI site that listed many of the AI meetups, events and conferences is now moved to https://events.neurons.ai.

Our AI & Robotics Events and Conference have moved to https://conference.neurons.ai and https://showcase.neurons.ai 

Our Career Portal, previously called Vocation.AI is now at https://jobs.neurons.ai 

We continue to grow our Professional Network for AI Practitioners and Researchers call Neurons. This is a mix of both online and offline interactions, with meetups, forums, user blogs and messaging. This platform allows us to facilitate the knowledge sharing between organisations, allowing us all to benefit from the open developments of this field. 

The AI Future Show

Founder Professor Andy Pardoe is launching his AI Future Show later this month, this will focus on a number of themes and topics to support the sharing of knowledge about the latest products and approaches. 

  • AI Now & Next – The Now and Next Series covers a variety of AI topics, with one eye on the future. Both technical and business subjects will be discussed.
  • AI Showcases – With an Industry and Sector perspective on AI use cases and challenges.
  • AI Spotlights – Vendor and Technology spotlights, discussions with the vendor companies and their users. This gives great insight into the latest capabilities.
  • Ventures – Cover some of the most innovative Deep Tech and AI startups from the UK and from around the globe, but also discussions on the Startup landscape, startup challenges and opportunities.
  • Academy – Covering a range of skills and career development topics, personal and business coaching and mentoring
  • Dev Mgr – Specific theme on technical leadership, career development, mentoring and how the profession is changing

For more information and to get links to your favourite podcast platforms visit https://Pardoe.AI/Show 

We Value your Support Feedback and Comments

As always, your feedback is welcomed and encouraged, as we want to make sure we are delivering useful sites and functionality. The best way to do this is email us at talk@into.AI

Thank you for your continued support and encouragement.

From the Informed AI Team

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With thanks


Prof Andy Pardoe

Founder of the Informed.AI Group



Ultima Autonomous Cloud

Autonomous Cloud Launches to Address

Cloud Cost and Performance Issues

Ultima’s new automated cloud service set to change cloud market

The time consuming and manual processes involved with deploying and operating workloads in the cloud has traditionally led to inaccuracies and spiralling costs. Automation and infrastructure service provider Ultima is today launching Autonomous Cloud to help businesses radically improve their cloud provisioning and Business as Usual (BAU) activities.

To effectively operate workloads in the cloud, many repetitive and manual processes are involved such as sizing, load balancing, deploying, patching, and monitoring and management. Whilst necessary, these are often fraught with human errors leading to delays with the workload’s availability and even security vulnerabilities.

By automating the maintenance, security and support requirements through Ultima’s Autonomous Cloud, the benefits of the cloud can be delivered without the operational pain points many companies have been experiencing. Different levels of service are available on a monthly subscription basis to suit every organisation’s needs, and Ultima estimates most will experience a 43% reduction in operational costs using this innovative automated service.

Autonomous Cloud will also help lower carbon emissions and reduce a business’ environmental impact through innovative renewable energy purchasing and Ultima’s commitment to net zero carbon emissions for operations.

Scott Dodds, CEO, Ultima explains, “The long-term cost savings and innovation opportunities that cloud promised have not materialised, as many companies have struggled with escalating costs for support, maintenance and security, as well as spiralling licensing fees. The cloud is a very complex, ever-evolving suite of products. Autonomous Cloud will change the market by simplifying cloud ownership and operations to deliver what the cloud was meant to be.Not only will IT teams have more time and energy to focus on strategic IT issues and innovation, they will have 43% of their cloud budgets they can refocus elsewhere.”

Richard Ellis, Small, Medium & Corporate Leader Microsoft UK, comments, “Through Autonomous Cloud, Ultima is helping mid-sized organisations to transition effectively to the cloud, enabling them to reduce costs whilst optimising business performance. With leadership and support built on top of Microsoft Azure, customers can have the confidence that their individual requirements will be met, and all management and security issues will be addressed effectively.”

As a component of Autonomous Cloud, Ultima has also developed a specific tool to help small-to-medium sized customers who host their environments on-premises. In the space of a day, this add-on sets up a new Azure environment, incorporating best practice via an orchestration platform and then migrates your current environment to the new platform so you can begin work immediately.

Autonomous Cloud is available on a three-tier level of service basis, providing different levels of support based on each user’s cloud environment and operational requirements. These services all provide access to improvements in support, reporting and billing in real-time through a ServiceNow portal. Customers can benefit from 24/7 support, whether that be issues with a backup or logging a ticket.

The ‘advanced’ level of service will dramatically reduce the need for human intervention around business as usual activities, reducing many repetitive tasks. Its ServiceNow portal logs ticketing requests, but also provides a service catalogue of tasks that can be automated. The platform automatically reports on security issues and uses machine learning to analyse trends and create alerts when anomalies occur. There is also automatic patching on the platform which reduces the overall threat footprint.

Working in partnership with the customer, the ‘ultimate’ level of service continually analyzes expenditure and usage, detecting idle services and optimising licensing to improve

performance. Its self-driven provisioning will provide governance around the deployment of new services by scanning the environment and on-boarding new services automatically, reducing the process to a day.

With a much clearer picture of the workload environment from the Autonomous Cloud platform, clients will not only improve their cloud’s cost control and performance, it also ensures they comply with regulatory auditing.

For more information on Autonomous Cloud, please visit https://info.ultima.com/autonomous-cloud

Artificial Intelligence course in Chennai

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines, especially computer systems. Particular applications of AI include expert systems, speech recognition and machine vision. All the major enterprises will make use of AI to improve their productivity. Tech giants like Apple, Google and Facebook have already climbed on the bandwagon of AI.
Globally, no one is doing AI innovation for the social sector, India can lead here. The demand for AI certified fresher will grow along with the developments in AI. Gaining a certificate in AI will give an edge over other IT professionals as AI is the future of IT. Overall the future of AI seems too large to comprehend. According to the survey, Data science is considered to be the fastest-growing domain in the software industry. Data science is now considered as the most popular analytic tool in the world. It is the hands-down winner if we will look at online popularity. Companies like Wipro, Accenture and much more started to build their employees for becoming expertise in Data Science. Indian companies are increasingly looking at Data science expert and organizations expect many of the new hires to already equip with knowledge of data science. They want them to be familiar with this tool and how to use it for data analysis.


Invest in COVID-19 VACCINE, save the world from CoronaVirus

Today every person on Earth has been affected by the COVID-19 outbreak. Airplanes are grounded, borders are closed, businesses are shut, citizens are forced into quarantine, and governments are taking spontaneous emergency decisions undermining the principles of democracy.

All this, if not stopped shortly, can lead to chaos and unrests.

Currently HTTP://WWW.ST-lF.COM is proud to represent the world-wide scientific community, by fundraising for COVID-19 Vaccine Development.

It is a responsibility of every human-being to put every effort to fight the deadly virus. Your support is needed to develop a vaccine ASAP! Every 1$ makes a difference.

Please, take a moment to review our campaigns HTTP://WWW.ST-lF.COM

In-place data analytics for unstructured data is no longer science fiction

In-place data analytics for unstructured data is no longer science fiction

AI-driven analytics supercharges compliance investigations, data security, privacy audits and eDiscovery document review.  AI machine learning employs mathematical models to assess enormous datasets and “learn” from feedback and exposure to gain deep insights into key information. This enables the identification of discrete and hidden patterns in millions of emails and other electronic files to categorize and cluster documents by concepts, content, or topic. This process goes beyond keyword searching to identify anomalies, internal threats, or other indicators of relevant behavior. The enormous volume and scope of corporate data being generated has created numerous opportunities for investigators seeking deep information insights in support of internal compliance, civil litigation and regulatory matters.

The most effective use of AI in investigations couple continuous active learning technology with concept clustering to discover the most relevant data in documents, emails, text and other sources.  As AI continues to learn and improve over time, the benefits of an effectively implemented approach will also increase. In-house and outside counsel and compliance teams are now relying on AI technology in response to government investigations, but also increasingly to identify risks before they escalate to that stage.

However, logistical and cost barriers have traditionally stymied organizations from taking advantage of AI in a systematic and proactive basis, especially regarding unstructured data, which, according to industry studies, constitutes 80 percent or more of all data (and data risk) in the enterprise. As analytics engines ingest the text from documents and emails, the extracted text must be “mined” from their native originals. And the natives must first be collected and migrated to a centralized processing appliance. This arduous process is expensive and time consuming, particularly in the case of unstructured data, which must be collected from the “wild” and then migrated to a central location, creating a stand-alone “data lake.”

Due to these limitations, otherwise effective AI capabilities are utilized typically only on very large matters on a reactive basis that limits its benefits to the investigation at hand and the information within the captive data lake.  Thus, ongoing active learning is not generally applied across multiple matters or utilized proactively. And because that captive information consists of migrated copies of the originals, there is a very limited ability to act on data insights as the original data remains in its actual location in the enterprise.

So the ideal architecture for the enterprise would be to move the data analytics “upstream” where all the unstructured data resides, which would not only save up to millions per year in investigation, data audit and eDiscovery costs, but would enable proactive utilization for compliance auditing, security and policy breaches and internal fraud detection.  However, analytics engines require considerable computing resources, with the leading AI solutions typically necessitating tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of high end hardware for a single server instance. So these computing workloads simply cannot be forward deployed to laptops and multiple file servers, where the bulk of unstructured data and associated enterprise risk exists.

But an alternative architecture solves this problem. A process that extracts text from unstructured, distributed data in place, and systematically sends that data at a massive scale to the analytics platform, with the associated metadata and global unique identifiers for each item.  As mentioned, one of the many challenges with traditional workflows is the massive data transfer associated with ongoing data migration of electronic files and emails, the latter of which must be sent in whole containers such as PST files. This process alone can take weeks, choke network bandwidth and is highly disruptive to operations. However, the load associated with text/metadata only is less than 1 percent of the full native item. So the possibilities here are very compelling. This architecture enables very scalable and proactive compliance, information security, and information governance use cases. The upload to AI engines would take hours instead of weeks, enabling continual machine learning to improve processes and accuracy over time and enable immediate action to taken on identified threats or otherwise relevant information.

The only solution that we are aware of that fulfills this vision is X1 Distributed GRC. X1’s unique distributed architecture upends the traditional collection process by indexing at the distributed endpoints, enabling direct pipeline of extracted text to the analytics platform. This innovative technology and workflow results in far faster and more precise collections and a more informed strategy in any matter.

Deployed at each end point or centrally in virtualized environments, X1 Enterprise allows practitioners to query many thousands of devices simultaneously, utilize analytics before collecting and process while collecting directly into myriad different review and analytics applications like RelativityOne and Brainspace. X1 Enterprise empowers corporate eDiscovery, compliance, investigative, cybersecurity and privacy staff with the ability to find, analyze, collect and/or delete virtually any piece of unstructured user data wherever it resides instantly and iteratively, all in a legally defensible fashion.

X1 displayed these powerful capabilities with ComplianceDS in a recent webinar with a brief but substantive demo of our X1 Distributed GRC solution, emphasizing our innovative support of analytics engines through our game-changing ability to extract text in place with direct feed into AI solutions.

Here is a link to the recording with a direct link to the 5 minute demo portion.

If you contact X1 direct off the back of this post, please mentioned Andy Pardoe and Informed.AI was the source of the information. Otherwise I would be happy to connect you with the contacts I have at X1 directly. Please message me at andy@informed.ai

Role: Chief Technology Officer for ML/ AI SAAS Start-up

Role: Chief Technology Officer for ML/ AI SAAS Start-up

Company Overview

Viewstar Artificial Intelligence Limited (Viewstar) is a cutting edge SAAS start-up focussed on the creative industry – content creators as well as the platforms. Viewstar’s technology would enable clients to deliver interactive content to their viewers without disrupting their viewing experience. Our core engine is driven by deep learning powered by machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. We feel confident that our offering has potential to disrupt the current ecommerce and video streaming business models.

We are in search of an ambitious CTO who will lead this quest for Viewstar.

Viewstar is private limited company headquartered in the U.K. We have formally engaged a law firm, an accounting firm and a patenting attorney to guide us towards the first fund raise currently targeted for mid-2020.

About the Founder

Shreedhar Munshi incorporated Viewstar in January 2020, having worked on the concept for nearly six months prior to that. He is the sole founder of the business albeit has a close-knit group of advisors with expertise in software, UX/UI, ecommerce and venture capital, who have provided strategic direction to Viewstar thus far.

Shreedhar is passionate towards media and technology sectors having been an investment banker focussed on digital media, consumer and technology sectors since 2004. Shreedhar has a strong roster of senior relationships in TV and Film industry across developed and emerging markets. He is a qualified chartered accountant and holds a master’s in business administration with focus on entrepreneurship and strategy from London Business School.

Job Summary

The CTO will be one of the founding pillars of Viewstar and will oversee all technical aspects of the development of its core machine learning platform. The individual would be responsible for setting a coherent strategic path to achieve the business vision, hire the right development team and engage with stakeholders and clients whilst setting a collaborative and inclusive work culture. The CTO will ensure that all ML systems undergo rigorous research, designing, developing, testing, implementation and evaluation.

Viewstar is seeking an entrepreneurial individual who shares our vision and values, can work through the complexity and ambiguity and has a ‘let’s do this’ mindset.

Key Responsibilities

  • Contributes to formulating the strategic direction and goals of the product
  • Champions the build-up of the development team
  • Designs machine learning systems, deep learning, artificial intelligence, data mining and analytic focused systems including research and implementation of ML algorithms, tools, and learning applications
  • Evaluate best of breed platforms and APIs for product fit
  • Strategizes development/ enhancement of product functionality
  • Ensures quality of ML through research and testing
  • Integrate third party applications, and fine-tune performance through development
  • Understands and manipulates datasets to formulate prototypes
  • Decides the methodology for approaching datasets and data representation
  • Trains and retrains systems where applicable
  • Expands ML libraries and frameworks.
  • Collaborates with others to architect appropriate solutions of scale for future growth


Academic Background

  • Master’s or higher degree in Computer Science/ Data Science/ Artificial Intelligence
  • Overall 10+ years of experience in the machine learning field, working with or building AI-based products/ platforms/ solutions, which includes experience in:
  • Cloud computing technologies
  • A product-oriented role; experience with delivering software – unit testing, continuous integration, and continuous delivery
  • Building enterprise level software with customer management and billing systems
  • Industry experience with software such as Git and Jira
  • Full stack developer who’s proficient in Django Python and PHP
  • Experience developing on platforms such as Docker, Rancher, and Kubernetes is useful
  • Experience with video/ streaming platforms will be preferred
  • Experience working in start-up environment is valuable
  • Prior CTO experience ideal but not a must


Specific Traits

  • Inspires creativity and innovation through their leadership; fosters collaboration, learning, and a shared vision. People management skills are essential
  • Identify and develop creative solutions to problems that may arise
  • Excellent verbal, written communication skills, and attention to detail
  • Able to balance priorities and meet deadlines; ability to work under pressure
  • Able to work independently and as a member of a multidisciplinary agile driven team
  • Takes initiative and has a high level of ambition, motivation, and passion
  • Should have a strong analytical mindset and be self-organized


• Competitive structure akin to a co-founder’s compensation package


• Shreedhar Munshi: shreedhar.munshi@gmail.com

Building an AI of State-of-the-art models to Analyze Political Bias

We used data from Adfontesmedia to train the model. To create the model, we used FastAi and Pytorch. We found that the RoBERTa based model performed the best, followed by BERT. We also tried Xlnet and Albert, which both yielded poor results.

In the end, we found that AI is indeed capable of analyzing political bias or producing results that correlate to political bias values.

We released a tool based on our BERT model that allows anyone to try out some content: https://www.thebipartisanpress.com/analyze-bias/

Neural Machine Translation

Neural Machine Translation

Importance of Transcript Translation Services
If you want to study or work abroad, you need to have certain documents ready. Whether you are an aspiring student planning to go to a foreign university or an individual looking to get settled in the US, your transcripts play a major role. While it is not mandatory for transcripts to be in English, one can thereby get crucial transcripts translated from any language to English and vice versa. For this, a skilled professional agency can help you to get accurate translations of your transcripts with 100% quality.
In most countries, educational institutes and employment agencies require transcripts to be translated into English. Since education transcripts showcases one’s academic strength and skills, it is important that the documents are translated as accurate as possible. As transcripts helps to gain entry into the best educational institutes and make careers, any discrepancy or error in translation can vastly affect one’s credits of getting into the college of their choice. Hence, choosing professional college transcript translation services to translate education transcripts becomes highly essential.
Factors to Consider Before Availing Transcript Translation Services:
Documents Which Need To Be Translated:
It is better to keep oneself informed beforehand about all the necessary documents required by prospective college or employer so that nothing is missed. Professional organizations will be quite willing to share details in case of any doubt. In fact, several companies provide 24/7 services with dedicated and quick customer support. It is understood that translation of transcripts come at a price and affordability needs to be considered while choosing service providers. Only after making a note of the required documents which need translation, approach experts around one’s locality for diploma and transcript translation services. For the uninitiated ones, documents are usually translated at a concise rate price and when it comes to bulk transcript translation, transcript translation services offer discounts.
Having said all that, the following list of academic documents requires transcript translation and it is ideal to get them translated and certified in advance.
• Degree Certificate
• Diploma Certificate
• Educational Marksheet
• Letter of Recommendation
• Curriculum Vitae
• Transfer Certificate
• Migration Certificate, etc.


Artificial Intelligence Conference 2020

As AI industrializes beyond research, production quality implementation becomes increasingly important. Business leaders now deploy AI models at scale, and software applications with inference capabilities are accelerating at an unprecedented rate. Find out how early adopters are gaining an edge–at the expense of slower moving competitors–at the O’Reilly AI Conference in New York.


More Than Just Hardware: Logic Supply Changes Name To OnLogic

More Than Just Hardware: Logic Supply Changes Name To OnLogic


Global industrial and IoT hardware manufacturer and solution provider Logic Supply, announced today that it is changing its name to OnLogic (www.onlogic.com). The new name reflects the evolution of the company from a computer component supplier to a comprehensive solution provider of ultra-reliable small form factor industrial computers, IoT gateways and edge devices for the world’s most well known companies.

“When Logic Supply began back in 2003, we were selling mostly motherboards and components, quite literally ‘supplying the logic’ for our customers’ projects,” said OnLogic Co-Founder and Chair of the Board Lisa Groeneveld. “We now work with global leaders in every industry to develop solutions that outsmart the world’s most complex technology challenges. Today, our customers dream, build and ultimately run on our hardware, and it was time for our image and brand to catch up to who we’ve become.”

Emblematic of their evolution, OnLogic recently began offering their new Karbon line of rugged computers, in addition to their existing selection of actively and passively cooled industrial hardware. The company has also partnered with industry experts to offer solutions with pre-installed software from Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Ignition by Inductive Automation and IVAR from Gorilla Technology.

In addition to the new name, OnLogic also unveiled a new logo and other updated design language. The OnLogic logo represents the problem solving and solution creation that has been core to the company’s success, and has led to their growth into a global organization with locations in the US, Netherlands, Taiwan and Malaysia.

“We work with customers every day to help them solve fascinating challenges, even those that appear impossible to overcome,” said OnLogic VP of Marketing Sara Mellinger. “We wanted the OnLogic logo to represent this collaborative relationship, which is why it has two entities – two blue cubes – coming together in a seemingly impossible way to form something new. It’s a nice parallel to the hardware expertise that we combine with our customers’ ideas to create innovative solutions.”

The new name is effective immediately and has been rolled out across the company’s website and other digital properties. More information about the OnLogic brand evolution, and a link to new brand assets, can be found by visiting www.onlogic.com/logic-supply.

New Karbon 700 From Logic Supply Is Built For High-Performance Edge Computing In Any Environment

New Karbon 700 From Logic Supply Is Built For High-Performance Edge Computing In Any Environment

Global industrial and IoT computer hardware manufacturer, Logic Supply (www.logicsupply.com) has unveiled the Karbon 700 high-performance rugged computer. Designed for reliability in challenging environments, Karbon 700 is intended for use as a data logger, NVR or edge device in heavy industrial, in-vehicle or remote installations in the manufacturing, physical security and energy management industries.

“The Edge continues to expand further out from the data center, placing increasingly challenging environmental demands on hardware,” says Murat Erdogan, Logic Supply VP of Products. “Engineers and Project Managers creating solutions that require both significant computing power and extreme durability are frequently faced with tough decisions in trying to balance cost, features, performance, and reliability. We created Karbon 700 to address these challenges and bring tremendous power to the edge, without sacrificing features or durability.”

To help ensure reliability in extreme conditions, Karbon 700 has been tested to MIL-STD-810G standards to resist damage from prolonged vibration and shock up to 50G. The system also meets automotive power immunity according to the requirements of E-mark (UNECE Reg. 10), and EN50155 rolling stock standards, features an operating temperature range of -40°~70°C, and includes a user-configurable intelligent automotive power management system with remote power monitoring capabilities. The system’s voltage input has a range of 9~48 VDC and a suite of power protections including transient voltage suppression, over, under, and reverse-voltage and over-current protection. All other I/O is ESD-rated to 15kV, making the system compatible with medical 60601-1 4th edition standards. Karbon 700’s onboard user-programmable Micro Control Unit (MCU) provides additional functionality and power management flexibility.

Karbon 700 can be configured with a range of 9th generation Intel® processors, including Core i7 or Xeon CPUs. Optional discrete GPU capabilities provide advanced graphics processing, while integrated CAN bus and customizable DIO give the system a range of interface and control capabilities. The system supports up to 6 PoE ports, while wireless connectivity is available via Wi-Fi/Bluetooth, CAT M1 or 4G LTE. Additional expansion, VPU capabilities via Intel Movidius, or optional I/O can be added using Logic Supply’s proprietary ModBay™, which enables flexible expandability to meet specific application requirements.

“No two IoT deployments are the same. ModBay gives us the ability to adapt Karbon 700 to any application,” says Maxx Garrison, Logic Supply Product Manager in charge of the company’s Rugged product line. “We developed this technology to give us the flexibility to design solutions to both current, and future client challenges. By combining ModBay with our own motherboard design, Karbon 700 is able to leverage impressive computing power, installation flexibility and a suite of onboard and optional features to help power innovation wherever it’s happening.”

Two models of Karbon 700 are available. The standard model K700-SE, and the K700-X2, which adds dual PCIe slots and support for a range of dedicated graphics cards.

In addition to a wide range of hardware configuration options, Karbon 700 can also be customized via Logic Supply’s suite of OEM services. The system can be custom branded or pre-installed with client software. If required, additional application specific testing is available, and the company’s fulfilment services provide options for drop shipping and white boxing for OEMs and software companies looking to provide a full product solution to their customers.

Full specs, configuration options and pricing, are available by visiting www.logicsupply.com/k700-se/ or www.logicsupply.com/k700-x2/. To discuss customization options, project details, or additional OEM services, contact a Logic Supply Solution Specialist at info@logicsupply.com, or call +1 802 861 1590 in the US or +31 88 5200 700 in the EU.

Karbon 700 will make its public debut at the Global Security Exchange show, September 8-12, where it will be demonstrated running Intelligent Video Analytics Recorder (IVAR™) software from Gorilla Technology. Karbon 700 will also be demonstrated at the Inductive Automation Ignition Community Conference, September 17-19.


Autointelli AIOps Platform

Autointelli AIOps Platform

Our platform is a duo of AI and robust machine learning algorithms that help the IT Operations team, Service Desk, NOC/SOC teams by creating alerts after correlating similar events together. It automatically initiates and updates tickets by running appropriate virtual bots. Autointelli AIOps performs root cause analysis and alert enrichment to quickly solve the incidents and improve time to value ratio. Our platform is used by customers across the globe. We help our customers to reduce noise levels and enhance business productivity by freeing their valuable resources to focus on business improvement. We partner with global leaders like KPMG, Virtusa, EIL Global and more.


Draup Talent

Draup is an AI-Driven reskilling and talent intelligence platform that provides in-depth insights on the talent ecosystem.

Draup can assist organizations in strategic workforce planning, talent recruitment and reskilling by evaluating talent ecosystem pillars such as industries, companies, locations, universities and professionals




The two-day event draws an audience over one’s own research interest in the field of Technology and computer science. Come and enjoy this August 24 – 25, 2020 the best of what Prague has to offer. As one of the largest scientific event organization in Europe, congress represents a significant Platform and sponsorship opportunity for researchers, doctors, and scholars. The contributions from our sponsors and patrons go towards supporting the Budding researchers from underdeveloped countries and providing quality of life programs.
Machine learning Conferences, Data science Conference, AI Organizing Committee, Automation Conference, Artificial intelligence 2020 Conferences, Artificial intelligence Conferences USA, Pediatrics Conference Asia, AI Meetings Middle East, AI researchers, AI engineers, AI scientists and industry professionals

MATLAB Deep Learning

It’s not just Deep Learning Toolbox that has deep learning capabilities: When you look for what’s new for deep learning, you should also think of base MATLAB. This release has many assorted goodies, but there are some new features which specifically help with deep learning applications and workflows:
-Live Editor Tasks
-Execute Python functions out of process
-tiledlayout is the new subplot
-App Designer updates
-Function input argument validation


GigaSpaces AnalyticsXtreme Wins the Gold for Business Intelligence and Analytics at Network Products Guide’s 2019 IT World Awards

GigaSpaces, the provider of InsightEdge, the fastest big data analytics processing platform, announced today that Network Products Guide, the industry’s leading technology research and advisory guide has named InsightEdge AnalyticsXtreme a Gold winner in the Business Intelligence and Analytics category. Now in their 14th year, the IT World Awards recognizes excellence and innovation in every facet of the IT industry.

InsightEdge AnalyticsXtreme, launched in March 2019, combines the power of in-memory computing performance and scalability with the co-location of data, business logic and analytics to deliver faster and smarter insights to action. Interactive queries and machine learning models run simultaneously on both real-time mutable streaming data and historical data on data lakes and data warehouses without requiring a separate data load procedure or data duplication. Leveraging unique in-memory smart indexing, access to data on the data lake is accelerated by 100X resulting in analytics, machine learning (ML) and deep learning to run in seconds instead of minutes and minutes instead of hours. Faster and smarter insights improve the quality of time critical applications including predictive maintenance, live risk analysis, fraud detection, dynamic pricing, location-based advertising, personalized offers and more.

AnalyticsXtreme provides a single logical view of data that spans across real-time and historical data platforms including Hadoop, Amazon S3, Azure Data Lake Storage, and Snowflake, as well as SQL, Spark dataset/DataFrame and BI tools, like Tableau and Looker.

“We are honored to be recognized as a Gold winner for Business Intelligence and Analytics for helping enterprises from a variety of industries operationalize their ML models, and accelerate batch analytics and BI visualization,” said Yoav Einav, VP Product at GigaSpaces. “With today’s data complexity there is a strong demand for AnalyticsXtreme’s ability to simplify and accelerate analytics and ML initiatives across multiple data storage technologies across cloud, on-premise and hybrid environments.”

Karen Krivaa
t: +972542633799
e. karen.krivaa@gigaspaces.com

Spicetree Communications
Wes Rogers
t: +1-912-506-0869
e. wes.rogers@spicetreecom.com

Sentiment Analysis

ParallelDots Sentiment Analysis API maintains high accuracy in real world, and is robust against tricky sentences like double negatives (“not bad”) and word order (“crushed my hopes” vs “crush on her”).
Process and return results in extremely short time, meeting demands from various industries.
ParallelDots Sentiment Analysis support private cloud deployments via Docker containers or on-premise deployment ensuring no data leakage.


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