Copyright Owners

Copyright Owners of News Stories

Copyright Owners of News Stories

Our website is targeted to Artificial Intelligence novices, enthusiasts, practitioners, researchers and teachers, providing them with a aggregated and consolidated set of information resources of different formats, from information resources, to twitter streams and forum posts.

As part of these services, we are providing a News Stories Channel, that is showing the latest News about Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Neuroscience and Data Science from across the World.

Currently we are relying on automated algorithms provided by google search and google alerts to provide us with potential news stories. Due to the nature of these automated algorithms we are unable to pro-actively determine the sources of these news items and thus request permission to reproduce these articles ahead of us posting them on our site.

We have found that many writers and publishers are very happy for us to list their articles on our site, as this brings a more targeted audience to the writer’s article and can lead to additional traffic to the original published source of the story. Note that we always include a link to the original source of the article.

However, we fully understand that some authors and publishers are not happy with the full article being reproduced on our site.

As we have been unable to ask for permission, we hope you accept our apology and request for forgiveness.

While we will honour any request to reduce any article to an excerpt or even to fully remove any given article, we actually hope you like our site, can support our cause and even partner with us if you regularly publish articles on the subjects of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Either way, please send us an email and we will follow up as soon as possible.

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