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The Index of Information Resources for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Introduction & FAQs

For newbies this is the best place to start; introductions, FAQs and a glossary of terms.


Information on the different types of learning algorithms used in AI and ML systems and applications.

Software & Tools

A list of different software tools, used to simulate AI techniques, both free open source and commercial.

Data Sets

A list of free data sets that can be used for research and testing of AI learning algorithms.


Find out how different hardware can be used to host and accelerate the performance of AI applications.

Cloud Providers

The major cloud providers now all have machine learning capabilities built into their platforms, find out more.

People, Projects and Jobs


A list of influential people involved in AI, both past and present, from the commercial and academic world.


A list of AI and ML projects currently operating and looking for people to get involved with it.


want a job in AI? a list of recruitment agents that focus on placing AI, ML and Data Science experts.

Governance & Ethics, Philosophy, the History and the Future

Governance & Ethics

a topic that is becoming more popular in recent months, see the discussions on the ethics and governance of AI.


find out about the philosophy of artificial intelligence and machine learning.


find out more about the historic developments of artificial intelligence from the early 50s until now.

The Future

find our what people are thinking the future will be for us and the application of artificial intelligence.

Companies and Research


companies using AI, or doing research in AI, or providing products, or software tools for AI.

Research Institutions

a list of university departments in AI, other research groups and associations, plus some courses and video lectures.

Papers & Journals

a list of academic journals related to AI topics, also a few papers are given and a list of useful bibliographies.


simply a list of books on artificial intelligence topics, some are free online books.

Discussions, News and Meetings

Forums & Groups

A list of places to ask questions and get involved in discussions on various topics related to AI.


A list of blogs that either exclusive blog on the subject of AI or cover AI along with other technology topics.


A list of news sites that cover artificial intelligence and machine learning topics.

Events & Conferences

a list of meetings, events and conferences that specialise in AI and ML topics.

Applications and Challenges


a collection of applications that use various AI or ML techniques.

Vision & Speech

applications of AI applied to the senses, including vision and speech.


applications of AI applied to the field of robotics.


application challenges for AI that have yet to be demonstrated.


applications of AI involving agents

Chat Bots

a collection of chat bots that use various AI or ML techniques.


a collection of games applications that use various AI or ML techniques.

Face Recognition

a collection of face recognition applications that use various AI or ML techniques.


education applications that use various AI or ML techniques.

Related Topics

Data Science

data science is a related field to AI and ML but has significant overlap on the machine learning side.

Cognitive Intelligence

cognitive intelligence and computing takes its direction from better understanding how the human brain works.


Natural Language Processing is a major topic for AI and ML techniques and tools.


films, tv programmes, magazines and music that are about artificial intelligence.

FinTech & AI

Applications of FinTech and Artificial Intelligence used in the Financial Industry

New Categories Coming Soon

Quantum AI

find out how the field of quantum computing can and will influence the development of AI techniques.

Internet of Things (IoT)

the Internet of Things (IoT) generates huge data volumes which needs AI techniques to analyse and interpret.


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a list of other directories for AI and ML, but obviously not as good as

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