The below lists various applications of Robotics using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Isaac Asimov's "Laws of Robotics"



0. A robot may not harm humanity, or, by inaction, allow humanity to come to harm.
1. A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm.
2. A robot must obey orders given it by human beings except where such orders would conflict with the First Law.
3. A robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Law.





  • Isaac Asimov’s – The Three Laws plus Law Zero added
  • Boston Dynamics builds advanced robots with remarkable behavior: mobility, agility, dexterity and speed.
  • MIT Leg Lab built a series of legged robots for experiments on active balance in dynamic legged locomotion
  • Pyro – Python Robotics
  • Tangent Research Intelligent Systems and Robotics R&D
  • Conscious Robots – Machine Consciousness and Cognitive Robotics
  • – A news and discussion site for those interested in robots and robotics. Home of the Robot Competition FAQ and a variety of resource pages.
  • Android World – Lots of information on androids and specific android projects.
  • – Find free tutorials, news, discussion forums, and an directory of links to robotics websites.
  • Popular Mechanics – Articles discussing the latest news on robotics technology and artificial intelligence research.
  • Robotics Trends – News, information, opinion and analysis portal covering the personal, service, mobile and military robotics markets.
  • Deep Learning Will Soon Give Us Super-Smart Robots at
  • The Rossum Project – An Open Source robotics project that aims to develop standardized simulators, control software, and APIs for mobile robotics applications. All code is Free Software licensed under the GNU GPL.
  • Player/Stage – Player is a language and platform independent network server for robot control. Stage simulates a population mobile robots in a 2D environment. Both are Free Software written in C++ and licensed under GNU GPL.
  • MissionLab – Multiagent robotics mission specification and control software. Takes high-level military-style plans and executes them with teams of real or simulated robots. MissionLab is proprietary software buy may be used at no cost in some non-commercial cases.
  • The Orocos Project – The Open Robot Control Software Project aims to develop an architecture-independent component based framework for all aspects of robot control. Orocos is Free Software licensed under the GNU LGPL.
  • TeamBots – A collection of Java-based control and simulation programs for multiagent mobile robotics research developed at CMU and Georgia Tech. Full source code is included. Non-commercial use only.
  • Orca Robotics – Open source framework for developing component-based robotic systems. Website includes examples, tutorials and quick-start documentation.
  • Mobile Robot Programming Toolkit project – A collection of C++ classes and ready-to-use applications aimed at research on Localization and Mapping (SLAM), particle and Kalman filtering, vision, and obstacle avoidance. Also known as MRPT.
  • The Experimental Robotics Framework – A software for making experiments with multiple robots in 3d, that sits on top of Player/Stage and Open/CV.
  • OpenJAUS – Open source robotics software development kit based on the JAUS Reference Architecture
  • DLife – Robotics, AI and Vision in Java – Open-source Java library for robotics, AI and vision. Supports Pioneer, Hemisson, Khepera II & III, Aibo, Finch and Player/Stage simulations.
  • – News and interviews, and information on research and events.
  • Robotic Spot – Robotics portal site devoted to robotic locomotion and home automation. Based in Madrid, Spain. Site in English and Spanish.
  • Robonyp’s Website – News, links, and several tutorials, on electronics and robotics.
  • Orion Robots – A weblog with tips and help on building robots, robot links and robot designs.
  • Learn about Robots – Includes commentary on robot related terminology and many applications of robotics including entertainment, military, space, industrial, and others.
  • Robotics India – Robotics community site for India. Site include discussion forums, news, and links.
  • Plausible Futures Newsletter – News weblog on topics that include robotics, artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, biotechnology, and sciences that could dramatically affect the future of society.
  • Australia’s Telerobot on the Web – An ABB industrial robot operated via the Internet. Online since 1994 and originally controlled with a web browser applet, this was one of the first web-controlled robots. Registration is required to use the robot.
  • Forum – Discussion forum for fans of the web site.
  • – Robotics and AI news
  • Electronics Forum – Online discussion forum for subject related to electronics including robotics, analog design, analog filters, and tubes.
  • – An amateur robotics site, including links, books, and resources.
  • Robotics FAQ – For the newsgroups comp.robotics.misc and comp.robotics.research.
  • BBC Robot World – Offers news, reviews and history of robots, as well as robot building guides and a discussion forum.
  • – Next generation robotics framework with support for 15 different platforms
  • – Portal of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence
  • US Navy interested in artificial intelligence for warfighting, support – from
  • – Portal of Robotics Projects
  • – is a non-profit online communication platform that brings together experts in robotics research, start-ups, business, and education from across the globe


Robotic Art

  • – Pictures, movies and information about animatronics. Includes information on the mechanics, electronics, and programming of modern animtronic systems.
  • Nanomedicine Art Gallery – Foresight Institute’s art gallery shows artists renderings of nano-scale medical robots.
  • The Art of Motion Control – This site suggests that motion control is also an emerging medium for artistic expression. Gallery of robots, industrial equipment, and other kinetic devices which are either used to create art or are themselves art.
  • Clayton Bailey Robot Sculptures – Artist, Clayton Bailey has made more 100 life size metal robots made from scrap. Site includes many photos.
  • Brotron Weapons – Giant robots, atomic weapons, Brotron death rays, and other atomic age sculpture by artist Greg Brotherton
  • Robotic Art of Carl Pisaturo – Robotic Sculpture, built by Carl Pisaturo. Pictured and described.
  • OmniCircus Junkyard Cabaret and Robot Ensemble – An experimental, surreal musical-cabaret group, led since its founding in 1988 by composer-artist Frank Garvey. Shows integrate live performance with life-sized computer-controlled robotics and midi-controlled virtual-reality (VRpit) performers.
  • F18 Institute – An artist coop that works with robotic, mechanical and electronic devices. They re-invent and dismantle existing technology with an artistic approach. Their goal is understanding of the relation between man and machine and man and systems.
  • Ullanta Performance Robotics – A theater troupe in which the actors are autonomous robots. The troupe presents traditional plays, performance art pieces, and dances; and, for recreation, participates in RoboCup robotic soccer competition.



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