Vision & Speech

The below lists various applications of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning aligned to sensual recognition tasks

Vision, Speech and other Senses

The section of our directory lists the various applications of sensual recognition, from an artificial nose to detect specific chemicals, visual detection of objects, speech recognition and translation. Note that spatial awareness and touch is covered in the section on Robotics.


  • Computer Vision from wikipedia
  • formed in 2013, we’re a team of software engineers and scientists building real-time computer vision products and services.
  • WebMonks formed in 2015 is a team of 15 scientists spread all over Europe, with expertise ranging from computer vision to deep learning to procedural CGI. Their members have successfully completed projects for high-tech companies in Visual Search, Image Recognition, Augmented Reality, Drone and Autonomous Vehicle Technology.



  • Babel – A Language for Talking To Computers
  • Suggested Upper Merged Ontology (SUMO) at
  • MindMeld A.I.-powered platform enables companies to add intelligent voice interfaces to any product on any device
  • provides language understanding for computers, any human language, based on the pattern matching approach of the brain. This solves open scientific problems in NLU such as word sense disambiguation and context tracking





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