The below lists various Companies involved in AI and ML.


The below is a list of companies that are involved in AI or ML in some form or another. The involvement can range from applied applications, software and frameworks, platforms, infrastructure or hardware.

  • AppZen – uses artificial intelligence to automate expense report audit.
  • ArgyleData – is a software maker that uses big data and machine learning to detect and stop fraud for telcom companies. Also see
  • Attrasoft – Provider of a number of neural network based products for image and sound recognition/retrieval, trend prediction and data mining.
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Research at Google
  • Tangent Research Intelligent Systems and Robotics R&D
  • Applied AI Systems, Inc. – Autonomous robots and voice systems.
  • Applied Analytic Systems – An operations research and artificial intelligence consulting and software development company specializing in neural networks, statistical modeling, and mathematical optimization.
  • Agena – Specialises in providing decision support systems using Bayesian methods.
  • Acquired Intelligence Inc – Creators of the ACQUIRE line of administration, operations and customer support products in stand-alone or web-based applications. Includes profile, demo downloads, and job openings.
  • – It’s a breakthrough technology that makes data self-aware and self-organizing. In essence, creating a smarter Internet.
  • AITIA Informatikai – Artificial Intelligence, Information Technology, Intelligent Agents
  • Alyuda Research – Provides neural network software for forecasting and data analysis as well as consulting and research services in neural networks and data mining.
  • AmikaNow – Email management software solutions and services. Product, services, news, company and contact information.
  • AND Corporation – Provider of application development services, software systems, and licensor of the Holographic/Quantum Neural Technology (HNeT).
  • Applied Neurodynamics – Consulting design of neurocomputing hardware, Neuromorphic aVLSI bus infrastructure, support for wet lab research.
  • artificial-solutions the leading specialist in Natural Language Interaction (NLI)
  • Ascent Technology, Inc. – Developer of software systems that solve resource optimization, planning, scheduling, and deployment problems for the air transportation, gaming, healthcare, hospitality, and security industries.
  • Applied Systems Intelligence, Inc. – Providers of intelligent agent technology used to develop highly advanced decision-aiding systems.
  • ByteGain – Personalization, intelligent advertising, predictions, and more. The world’s top companies innovate faster with ByteGain.
  • BioComp Systems Inc. – A consulting and software development firm specializing in neural network and genetic algorithms.
  • BioComp Systems, Inc. – Source for neural network based data modeling, prediction, forecasting and optimization solutions. Areas of focus includes: Banking and Finance, Manufacturing, Marketing, Medical.
  • Botego – Botego develops software solutions based on its proprietary language processing technology. We are an R&D partner in various EU funded projects with teams in New York City and Istanbul.
  • Brighterion – Uses artificial-intelligence technologies to prevent fraud in transaction environments such as finance, e-commerce, telecommunications, and insurance. Information on solutions and technology.
  • Bruhat –  Help Talent Acquisition professionals to get AI-based assessed profiles with an offer acceptance score
  • Cell Matrix Corporation – Specializing in a new type of hardware and software which allows for the creating of smart and dynamic circuits which can respond to changes in their environment.
  • ContextVision – Specializing in medical imaging using AI technology.
  • Cycorp – The Cyc Common Sense product family comprises an immense multi-contextual knowledge base, an efficient inference engine, a set of interface tools, and a number of special-purpose application modules.
  • DeepMind – Building Artificial General Intelligence, bought by Google.
  • eBrain allows a user to deploy cognitive-thinking digital entities, or eHumans, which live in a virtual environment, and conduct artificial intelligence thought
  • AI Research at Facebook
  • Genii Analytics AI for Top500 B2C companies for Customer Behavior incl Sales, Services & Retentions
  • Gensym – Provider of expert system software and services based on G2, the company’s unique, high-performance reasoning-engine technology. Includes typical usage scenarios and applications, case studies, whitepapers and corporate information.
  • Getron is a Predictive Analytics & Artificial Intelligence oriented company, operating since 2003 to create value for our clients in different industries.
  • The Haley Enterprise
  • hav.Software – Sells software implementations of feedforward and recurrent networks trained with backpropagation and feature maps.
  • Humley combine contextual targeting with elements of artificial intelligence to empower actions from users. Utilising the cognitive computing power of IBM Watson™, to better understand the end users’ requirements
  • Higher Level Systems Ltd – Software development company based in Liphook, Hampshire. Creates and supports Assistum knowledge management tools.
  • Hugin Expert – Expert system software house in construction and execution of Bayesian Belief Networks (also known as Bayesian Networks, Belief Networks, or Causal Probabilistic Networks).
  • Cognitive Computing at IBM
  • Imagination Engines, Inc. – Imagination Engines builds neural network cascades that self-assemble into the largest synthetic, cognitive structures in the world. IEI holds all the core patents in the area of building such artificial brains, foremost of which is the so-called “Creativity Machine” (US Patent 5,659,666).
  • Lester Ingber Research – Conducts research in applying neural networks to EEG analysis, trading and combat analysis and provides consulting services in areas of expertise.
  • Knowledge Systems Design – Develops, delivers, and supports knowledge base systems for business applications using AI technologies. Information on company, applications, technology, and employment opportunities.
  • KnowledgeScape Systems – Real-time optimization system learns the process dynamics and adjusts process setpoint, optimizing a single procedure or an entire enterprise.
  • LibRT – Professional services and products in information and knowledge technology to support the knowledge engineer in building intelligent applications.
  • Intellix – Intellix supplies software for the collection, storage and distribution of knowledge: building expert systems, knowledge mapping, data mining, CBR, case based reasoning, knowledge sharing and knowledge management.
  • LPA – Logic Programming Associates
  • Logic Programming Associates – Prolog compilers for Windows and Mac, expert system shell, object-oriented prolog, data mining.
  • Lumina Decision Systems – Makers of Analytica: business models and decision support.
  • METALogic n.v. – METALogic is active in the whole field of Materials Engineering and Advanced I.T. i.e. advice and measurement services, corrosion research as well as the development of materials information systems(AI)
  • MindMeld – Develops the technology to power a new generation of voice-driven applications
  • Mnemonic Technology, Inc. – Mnemonic Technology develops systems that automatically learn to make optimal decisions, even in the presence of uncertainty. Our intelligent decision systems have priced credit risk for consumer debt and set loss reserves for asset-backed securities. They have optimized consumer response in Internet direct marketing campaigns, traded futures contracts, and learned to identify relevant messages from only a handful of examples, without any human intervention.
  • N2Semantics provides strategic advisory services, as well as product and technology architecture and planning services, to startups and enterprises seeking to develop or apply artificial intelligence and other semantic technologies, including semantic web, ontologies, machine learning and cognitive computing.
  • Natural Selection Inc. – Applies unique expertise in evolutionary computation and evolved neural networks to real-world problems.
  • NeuroDimension, Inc – Provides NeuroSolutions, a neural networks software based on backpropagation. Also provides additional software to embed NeuroSolutions in Excel and to produce DLLs implementing neural networks created with NeuroSolutions.
  • NeuralWare – Provides neural network based analysis products and engineering services which help business, government, industry, and universities solve data mining, classification, prediction, and pattern recognition problems.
  • Nonlinear Solutions Oy – Services based on nonlinear modelling, particularly neural networks, including process models and models for material behaviour. Provides tailor-made software, simulators based on nonlinear models, experiment design and industrial courses.
  • Norsys Software Corp. – Belief networks and influence diagrams for data mining, decision analysis, diagnosis, prediction, creating software agents, real-time control, signal conditioning, sensor fusion, expert system building, statistical analysis, probabilistic modeling and risk management / portfolio analysis.
  • Novacast – Database mining, knowledge-based systems, rule induction, neural nets, genetic algorithms.
  • Creators of “Feynman Machine: The Universal Dynamical Systems Computer”. Ogma is building new AI technology based on a multidisciplinary approach, combining the latest developments in machine learning, the applied mathematics of dynamical systems, and computational neuroscience.
  • Orion by
  • Pat Inc – AIs Next Generation Natural Language Understanding API
  • Persontyle is a social enterprise obsessed with helping individuals, organizations and communities learn and apply Data Science to deliver real and meaningful value
  • RAVN Systems are experts in next generation Enterprise Search, Graph Search and Cognitive Computing technology
  • SalesChoice – delivers powerful predictive and prescriptive analytics solutions that enables companies and their sales teams to increase both productivity and profitability by 30% or more.
  • Explainable Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Sirma AI Company – Research and software development company whose major areas of activity include CAD, business process automation, e-commerce, text processing, knowledge management and distributed AI, and CASE
  • SparkCognition is a Cognitive Security Analytics company. We’re applying Machine Learning & AI to Cloud Security and the Internet of Things.
  • Stottler Henke Associates, Inc. – SHAI is an artificial intelligence (AI) research and development company that provides consulting and custom software development services: Adaptive training, scheduling systems, knowledge access tools, collaboration tools, design and manufacturing support, data maining, computer security, autonomous agents, intelligent decision support.
  • – Division of MicroStrategy. Provider of enterprise decision support software which allows sophisticated analyses across large volumes of numerical data stored in relational database data warehouses.
  • SRI’s – Artificial Intelligence Center
  • – builds smart personal apps using powerful machine learning technologies, connecting users with personalized content based on their interests and likes. Szl envisions a world where humans experience seamless integration with their digital experiences. Based in the Raleigh-Durham Research Triangle of North Carolina, Szl is a lean technology startup backed and managed by veterans in the gaming, entertainment, big data and AI fields.
  • NASA Tech Briefs Software Center – Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems
  • – have a multi-lingual natural language understanding technology that we are ready to load and create products for language learning, machine translation, digital assistant/IoT conversation and more
  • TISEC Inc. – Offers nondestructive testing and reliability engineering services, artificial intelligence pattern recognition software, multimedia training and reference materials and hydrogen safety technology.
  • Victauri LLC – Provides interactive content, which allows creation of an interactive, intelligent Web agent that can automatically respond to questions from visitors. Includes product and service information and downloads.
  • VigiPro – The VigiPro solution is a recognised methodology for the implementation of a strategic intelligence process with concrete results and a software using the Intranet/Extranet environment that was specially developed to support all the activities of a strategic intelligence process.
  • Volume – is a technology agnostic AI developer focused on optimizing human performance through Smart Machines.
  • Ward Systems Group, Inc. – Develops software for prediction, classification and optimization based on neural networks and genetic algorithms.
  • WebMonks – is a team of 15 scientists spread all over Europe, with expertise ranging from computer vision to deep learning to procedural CGI. Their members have successfully completed projects for high-tech companies in Visual Search, Image Recognition, Augmented Reality, Drone and Autonomous Vehicle Technology.
  • XpertRule Software – Developers of advanced business rules automation, decision and analytics,  and rules-driven interactive user interface engines for deployment on servers, desktops and mobile.
  • BrainChip The Possibilities are Limitless
  • AI that powers knowledge to help you know better
  • NLP provider
  • building the next generation
    of A.I. algorithms
  • iLexIR NLP Consultancy
  • Celaton
  • a messenger for bots and humans
  • Watson IBM Watson – The platform for cognitive business
  • uses artificial intelligence and contextual search to transform the mobile experience
  • Easy machine learning for all developers
  • Kono : A.I. Mobile Scheduler
  • INTELLIGENCE TV A tribute to Artificial Intelligence


  • Startups at
  • Startups Leading the AI Revolution at
  • bringing machine learning to startups – training the next generation of data scientists – from
  • is an AI engine created for developers, powered by a visual editor and simple APIs. Add contextual and personalized automation in mobile, web and IoT apps … in minutes
  • A house isn’t a home without Josh
  • is a hyper-intelligent AI Discovery System that eliminates the junk and brings you only what you love
  • So we build APIs that media organizations can build on top of to extract insight from any text, or to delight their readers with intelligent news delivery.

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