A history of the development of the field of Artificial Intelligence, from the initial academic works in the 1950s to the current view of the field.

The History of AI

Below are resources that give varying levels of detail on the history of Artificial Intelligence, followed by some of the key influential people whos significant contributions shaped the field of AI.


Summaries of the History


Alan Turing – The Turing Test

  • Computing Machinery and Intelligence – Turing’s original 1950 article on machine intelligence, where he introduces the famous Turing Test, and started this profound multi-decade debate.
  • Alan Mathison Turing (1912-1954) – British mathematician, cryptographer, and one of the key inventors of the modern computer. After his profound contributions to helping win World War II, he was persecuted for his homosexuality by his own government, and driven to suicide. Maintained by Turing biographer Andrew Hodges: extensive resources and links, online versions of several long essays on Turing.
  • Alan Turing Archive – Archive and historical records pertaining to the work of computing pioneer Alan Turing.
  • Wired Archive: Alan Turing – Stories involving Turing.
  • What was Alan Turing really like? – The BBC interviews two women who, as children, knew Alan Turning.

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