DeepMind And UCLH Form Cancer Treatment Partnership

Google’s artificial intelligence division is forming a partnership with the University College London Hospital (UCLH), part of the National Health Service England (NHSE), to incorporate the DeepMind project into cancer care treatment. DeepMind is Google’s advanced artificial intelligence software that has already helped save the business millions of dollars by masterminding its datacenter energy requirements around the world. DeepMind has also been used to help with retina scanning, searching for health issues and today’s announcement furthers how DeepMind is being used for healthcare services. DeepMind is going to be used to assist healthcare professionals in planning radiation treatment for patients with head and neck cancers. The reason why DeepMind can help is that it will reduce the time spent by doctors and clinicians preparing the detailed maps of the body…

Link to Full Article: DeepMind And UCLH Form Cancer Treatment Partnership

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