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Welcome to Neurons.AI (the new name for into.AI and much more)

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Neurons.AI (the new home of into.AI) is an index of all information resources on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning related topics Check out the Directory, News or Channels menu options above or Scroll down to learn more about what we do

AI Events

We have over 150 Events, Conferences and Meetups Listed from Across the World. Find Local Events or International Conferences to Meet liked minded people Discount Codes available on many of the Conferences

The AI Awards

The Global Annual Achievement Awards for Artificial Intelligence Now in its 3rd Year of Celebrations for those working in the Industry  

AI Careers & Jobs

The Career’s Portal and Jobs Board for AI Check out Career advice and find the latest jobs posted on our board

Be a Neuron

The Professional Network for AI Practitioners and Reseachers Online and Offline Meeting Place to Discuss the Advances of AI


The directory is a collection of useful information and resources organised into categories to make finding the information you want easy


The channels collect the latest from various social media sources which includes Videos, Forums and Twitter.

Events, Conferences & Meetups

Events.AI lists all the major Conferences, Meetups and One Day Events happening across the world with the biggest collection of discount codes.

Careers Portal & Jobs Board

Jobs is our Careers Portal and Jobs Board, for those interested in working in this expanding field.


The news stories has the latest news stories on AI and machine learning from across the world, also includes our own exclusive stories, spotlights and press releases.


Study.AI lists all the major resources and information you need to start the process of learning about Machine Learning.

The Global Annual AI Awards

The Global Annual Achievement Awards for Artificial Intelligence is the stage to celebrate the wonderful work done by some many companies working in the field.

The Professional Network for AI

Join now for free and get to publish blogs, use the members only forums and create your own Neurons.AI profile

New to Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning?

The below are the four most useful categories to start with or just going Study.AI

Study @ Neurons.AI

Study.AI lists all the major resources and information you need to start the process of learning about Machine Learning.


Landscape.AI brings together a collection of AI Landscape diagrams, industry perspectives and global reports


Introductions, FAQs and a glossary


a collection of applications that use various AI or ML techniques.

Software & Tools

A list of different software tools.

Forums & Groups

A list of places to ask questions and get involved in discussions on various topics

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This site is only useful if we have listed every information resource on the topic of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, if there is something missing please let us know.

Amazing!!..Explored the website and have everything for the beginners to learn

Ruhi Garga

Very Nice!

Matthew R. Versaggi

Thanks for your support of the @JottrAI launch, @DrAndyPardoe and @homeAIinfo – happy Friday to you!

Michael Haupt @michaelhaupt

Co-Founder JottrAI

@homeAIinfo <– The Hub of AI Trends & Information! Thank you for such a wonderful resource! #machinelearning

David Ray


Thankyou. As a student I always wanted this. Sharing and suggesting to people

Shyam Sunder Kumar

Home AI is a fantastic resource, keep it up!

Alyx Baldwin

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Machines will follow a path that mirrors the evolution of humans. Ultimately, however, self-aware, self-improving machines will evolve beyond humans’ ability to control or even understand them.

— Ray Kurzweil, Scientific American

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The Directory is list of information resources organised in categories to make it easy to find the information you need.


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