The below lists various Applications of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.


Below is listed a selection of applications of machine learning and artificial intelligence, we also have dedicated pages for specific challenges, vision & speech and robotics and many more.

Please note this is by no means an extensive list of applications, give the expansive nature of the field it would be very difficult to capture every new application that is being developed by the community, however, we are trying to list the applications that are considered mainstream. If you would like us to add a specific application resource to this list, please let us know via our add a link page

Other Applications of AI or ML


  • Hi-Tech Solutions – Offer systems to detect and read vehicle license plates for parking, access control, traffic surveillance, law enforcement and security applications.
  • The CAPTCHA Project – Completely Automated Public Turing Test to Tell Computers and Humans Apart. Includes demonstrations, research papers, and news.
  • TMYCIN: Medical Reasoning System – Developed by Novak and Causey in 1988, TMYCIN is a medical reasoning system developed at the University of Texas, Austin, using EMYCIN as a model.
  • BBC News – Web checks for student cheating – Detection software will search 800 million websites to stop students plagiarising from the internet.



If you would like us to add a specific item to this list, please let us know via our add a link page


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