The below lists various blogs that are dedicated to the subjects of Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning. Also list blogs that discuss AI topics but not strictly dedicated to the subject alone.


Below is a list of AI or ML related blogs, we will list both dedicate blogs but also blogs where a significant number of posts are AI related.

Please note this is by no means an extensive list of blogs, however, we are trying to list all the blogs that are actively at the moment. If you would like us to add your blog to this list, please let us know via our add a link page


Dedicated Blogs

These are blogs that only post topics related to AI and ML and nothing else. These blogs are 100% focused on the subject of Artificial Intelligence.


Related Blogs

These are blogs that post topics related to AI and ML but also post on other topics as well. Typically these will be blogs of individuals that either work in the field or have a significant interest in the subject.

  • Peekaboo – Computer Vision and Machine Learning Blog by Andreas Mueller
  • MindMeld – blog covers company updates, but also news related to the general A.I. community
  • John Ball inventor of Patom theory & founder of Thinking Solutions has had published about the science behind NLP/NLU and the problems that till now, have not been solved.
  • Innovation Alarm a blog on new technologies by members of IE Business School
  • NewGenApps a blog about app development but has some AI related blogs


Single Articles

Single articles on AI but on a blog that is unrelated to the subject of AI.


Technology Blogs

These are blogs of general technology sites that sometimes have articles about AI or ML. Add yours here


If you would like us to add a specific item to this list, please let us know via our add a link page


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