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The below lists various chat bots applications which use various AI techniques.

Applications – Chat Bots

Below is listed a selection of chat bot applications of machine learning and artificial intelligence.


Chat Bots

  • ChatterBots at
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  • Bot Research at
  • To talk to David type exactly “I want to speak to davidswinton” It will take 20 seconds for David to arrive to chat with you so please be patient. PLEASE NOTE: If you ask to speak to dave, david or any other name other than davidswinton You will not be speaking to this bot.
  • More about David – Finally, a bit about David. Unlike many chatbots being designed to compete in contest by answering quizes or solving problems, David has been designed to to carry a conversation and to play the imitation game. Meet Turing’s A.I. child who lives with the Swinton family in the 22nd century.
  • If you are interested in purchaising a David model of your own
  • Zabaware – Chatterbot software gives computers a personality. UltraHal is available as a PC assistant (Windows shareware), a web-based demonstration conversation application and an AI bot for websites.
  • ECTOR – A description of how to build an intelligent chatterbot (based on an AI PhD thesis and an IRC chatterbot).
  • Virtual Personalities – Verbots help real humans deal more comfortably and effectively with their increasingly complex world.
  • Pandorabots – Build and host your very own chatbot. Include speech and images. Connect it to instant messaging services, multiplayer games and become part of a growing ecosystem of virtual personalities.
  • Jeeney AI – Jeeney AI is a natural language processing project centered around the development of online artificial intelligence and artificially intelligent content.
  • from Commander X
  • chatbotfriends links relating to Artificial Intelligence and Chatter-bots
  • Kip an AI powered chatbot that shops for you and your team. We use deep learning (RNN LSTM) to build individual and group user profiles to give product best match and recommendations – launched on Slack
  • Botego – Botego develops software solutions based on its proprietary language processing technology. We are an R&D partner in various EU funded projects with teams in New York City and Istanbul.



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