Everything you need to start studying AI all in one place

Introduction & FAQs

For newbies this is the best place to start; introductions, FAQs and a glossary of terms.


Information on the different types of learning algorithms used in AI and ML systems and applications.

Software & Tools

A list of different software tools, used to simulate AI techniques, both free open source and commercial.

Data Sets

A list of free data sets that can be used for research and testing of AI learning algorithms.

Research Institutions

a list of university departments in AI, other research groups and associations, plus some courses and video lectures.

Papers & Journals

a list of academic journals related to AI topics, also a few papers are given and a list of useful bibliographies.


simply a list of books on artificial intelligence topics, some are free online books.

Events & Conferences

a list of meetings, events and conferences that specialise in AI and ML topics.

Forums & Groups

A list of places to ask questions and get involved in discussions on various topics related to AI.


A list of blogs that either exclusive blog on the subject of AI or cover AI along with other technology topics.


A list of news sites that cover artificial intelligence and machine learning topics.


a collection of applications that use various AI or ML techniques.

Study.AI – A dedicated resource for Students of Artificial Intelligence


News Channel



Video Channel



Forums Channel



Twitter Channel


The Careers Portal and Jobs Board for Artificial Intelligence

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