Moneywatchers: Artificial intelligence — a growing investment

Artificial Intelligence has become the hot topic of conversation in the investment world. It’s not really new, with a British mathematician named Alan Turing introducing the concept of machines that think back in 1950. But people still think of AI in science fiction terms when in reality, it’s becoming science fact. Remember “The Terminator,” when the country’s AI defense system, called Skynet, achieved singularity; the point at which machines become smarter than the humans that invented them. So what good are the humans to the machines? They’re not, so Skynet set about killing them. Long story short, the humans start to win, so Skynet sends an Artificially Intelligent Cyborg (Arnold) back in time to kill the mother of the human leader to stop him before he’s born. Can machines think? To be considered sentient, a machine would have to process language, learn from a conversation, remember what was said, then be able to communicate ideas back to a human all while displaying common sense . We’re not there yet, but it’s coming. Then the question becomes is AI good or bad? The smartest people in our society are having an ongoing debate on the question and are severely conflicted. The…

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